in janitorial services

The nasco team is well trained

Even if our staff is made up of experienced employees, we attach great importance to training programs. We are committed to have a training program that adapts to the changing standards of the janitorial service industry because we want to always offer modern, cutting-edge custom services.

Our training program ensures that our 400 qualified employees are true specialists in their field. Our program covers all aspects of our service, from cleaning techniques to cleaning products safety procedures. Thanks to this training program, our 400 qualified employees can deliver matchless quality and reliable services.

We provide training for our employees on the following subject matters:

WHMIS training (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System: we put great emphasis to complying with WHMIS for safe janitorial services)
• Training on health and safety at work
• ISO 9001:2008 training
• Update workshops
• Work techniques training
• Tailored training for each contract

The nasco team is qualified

Our cutting-edge equipment and products (battery-powered automatic scrubbers, battery or propane-powered burnishers, back pack vacuums with HEPA filters, high-performance carpet extractors, highly efficient cleaning products) ensure that our employees deliver highly efficient services safely.

The nasco team is treated with respect

In order to ensure quality delivery of services, NASCO Inc. treats each employee with consideration so that each one feels part of the team. We ensure that our teammates are motivated, committed and more efficient at work by earning their loyalty. Our policy of respect toward people, combined with the quality of our service, guarantees the success of our company.

Safe and Secure Service

We are fully aware of the importance of safety for our services. That is the reason our company has developed a set of procedures to ensure safety: all our employees hold a Security Screening Certificate, are covered by our liability insurance and receive training on confidentiality. NASCO is deeply concerned with the health and safety of its employees and its customers. At NASCO, management and employees alike are fully committed to health and safety at work.