janitorial service

Whatever your needs and your type of business, our employees are trained to efficiently fulfill your requirements. Following is a list of our basic activities:

List of activities

• Regular janitorial service
• Window/glass pane cleaning
• Rug and carpet cleaning
• Cleaning of overhead or hard to reach structures
• After renovation/works cleaning
• Dusting
• Floor and ceiling cleaning
• Floor and ceiling cleaning
• Sanitary installations cleaning
• Wall cleaning
• …

Top quality service

NASCO Inc. can rely on an expert management team and well-trained staff. Our personnel receives all appropriate training to accomplish tasks effectively and ensure impeccable customer service.

NASCO Inc. has allocated resources and implemented methods, processes and monitoring that have proved their worth over the years and that have helped build our reputation:

ISO 9001:2008 Certification:

the ISO 9001 certification is your assurance of the faultless quality of NASCO's services.

Thorough analysis of bid request:

Our customers can be assured of the rigorous analysis of their bid specifications. This an important exercise at Nasco because we want to be sure of understanding fully all your requirements.

As we want to ensure to offer services that will fully meet each customer's specific requirements, we like to proceed in the following way:

• Analyzing customer requirements;

• Visiting premises and inspecting buildings;

• Examining technical specifications;

• Estimating tasks to be performed;

• Estimating staff needed;

• Preparing a detailed technical proposal.

Adhering strictly to this process allows us to reach agreements that fully meet customers' requirements and that offer the quality insurance that is the cornerstone of our reputation.

Computer data:

Our CleanTelligent software helps us deliver quality service. This tool is essential for the management of our services and for communications with customers and employees.

State-of-the-art technology:

Our janitorial practices are dependent on using cutting-edge equipment and devices: portable CleanTelligent module, ASM 825A, Handheld 3013, SystemSUREPlus, UV lamp and a special pencil from Unger. Our use of state-of-the-art equipment and devices assures our customers of quick and concrete solutions.

Training program:

Our worker training program is your insurance of quality and our means of delivering cutting-edge service that meets customer needs and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Quality control and inspections:

At Nasco Inc., we have implemented control mechanisms and inspection programs that ensure the quality of the services we deliver.


NASCO Inc. holds a commercial liability insurance that fully covers the scope of our operations and all our employees.

At nasco, we work daily to uphold our enviable reputation, as our customers can confirm

“Your employees demonstrate human and professional qualities that shows that you are a remarkable business. You have been able to deal with difficult situations with a professional approach. I have to say that we receive daily praise on the cleanliness of our school, on the professionalism of your employees and on their fast reaction time. Moreover, the contract is followed rigorously. You definitely contribute to the reputation of École secondaire de l'Île.”

René Bastien, director

Matthieu Larocque, Administrative Assistant

École secondaire de l’Île

“This company has been providing janitorial services for our Félix-Leclerc campus for more than 12 years. They have won all the bids these past years, thanks to their reasonable pricing, but mainly due to their efficiency and flexibility. They always look for solutions and have helped solve our janitorial problems as well as meeting other special requests, most of the time without any further charges.”

Michel Turmel, Administration Manager

Janitorial Service and Parking

Cégep de l’Outaouais