Nasco inc. and sustainable development

NASCO Building Cleaning Inc. is aware of its role as a socially responsible business toward its employees, its customers and partners, and society as a whole.

With this in view, we make sure that our services include actions promoting sustainable development, in order to meet today's and future generations' needs, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company. These actions that take into account economic, social and environmental aspects of our operations are based on responsible management principles detailed in federal and provincial laws governing us.

To support our determination to be an environmentally friendly and responsible janitorial service company, NASCO commits to:

- Implement and maintain an integrated management system complying to current responsible management standards, particularly with regard to the environment, to health and safety at work, and to the operation of green buildings.
- Promote the use of environmentally friendly products.
- Ensure efficient operations management.
- Facilitate the integration of younger generations.
- Promote the use of local suppliers.
- Be sensitive to the community where it operates.
- Comply to laws and regulations governing its operations.
- Encourage employees to suggest innovative actions.
- Take comments from customers and suppliers into consideration.

The success of this policy is clearly illustrated by the measurable objectives that are achieved and by the acknowledgment from the industry of the work accomplished by NASCO Building Cleaning.

Our environmental policy

Our commitment to protect the environment is based first and foremost on the use of adequate equipment and supplies. We select our equipment not only based on quality, but on performance as well. Our vacuum cleaners are equipped with efficient filtration systems (HEPA) that ensure better air quality. Our equipment is also selected for its quiet operation, providing a more respectful workplace for occupants and our staff.

We also show our concern for the environment by our choice of packaging material, paper and plastic bags made of recyclable materials.

Green cleaning products

NASCO Inc. promotes the use of environmentally friendly products as much as possible for the benefit of the environment and because we are concerned by the well-being of our employees. Employees receive intensive training on the use of green products to maximize yield and ensure their proper use. Our products may be environmentally friendly and safe for surfaces to be cleaned, they are nonetheless extremely efficient and high-performance.